Sony Ericsson Revealed Available Update Arc, Neo, Play in June

Sony Ericsson ArcSony Ericsson announced update firmware of Arc, Neo, Play a new version of Gingerbread. It also includes Facebook integrated into the Xperia system. Sony Ericsson will update its 2 straight times in single month by both 2.3.3 and 2.3.4 with the following features of for each update.

2.3.3 update will begin in early June, with the new stuff is Facebook Lives in Xperia that will help to sync all things on your computer for everything.

  • Single Sign On: Your device can access to all of facebook without signin again.
  • Contact Syncs: In addition, a contact name then usually more of a status, like and photo.
  • Calendar Syncs: Sync Facebook Calendar
  • Facebook photo
  • Music Player Like

2.3.4 update in the end of June was that dominant feature Video Chat on Gtalk.

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