Samsung Galaxy S II, One million Units Sold In Korea

1-Million-Samsung-Galaxy-S2-Sold-KoreaThe Samsung Galaxy S II is blazing a trail in South Korea, but just after another impressive landmark. He had already surpassed all previous pre-orders for Samsung in Korea and has doubled that of the iPhone 4.

its 1 millionth Galaxy S II was sold in Korea and in a single month. This is equivalent to a phone sold every three seconds. Comparing the Galaxy S needed 70 days to the one million mark in sales to reach.

The Samsung Galaxy S II arrived in Korea in late, April and has sold 100,000 units in just three days and 500,000 in two weeks. The company believes that the success of the smartphone is due to the excellent hardware, particularly the 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display. The 21Mbps 3G, SGS II thin (8.9 mm) and are accredited TouchWiz interface to increase sales.

There are also Samsung Hub on the device from Samsung, including the Music Hub, which is powered by 7 Digital, offers access to millions of songs, and social Hub for managing your busy social life.

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