• Rumors: iPhone 4S coming in September with Sprint & T-Mobile networks.

    Apple-iPhone-5-RumorsForbes has released the latest report about a new piece of Peter Misek, a analyst of Jeffries & Co, who said that the new iPhone to be launched in September will be called iPhone 4S. The new phone has changed little, better quality camera, A5 processor, support HSPA + and Apple would announce a new networks include Sprint, T-Mobile and China Mobile.

    The reason Apple iPhone 4S name because it does not support LTE 4G network, and reserve the name iPhone 5 for the next version that supports this. So we will not see iPhone support network 4G/LTE this year certainly

  • Flash Player 10.3 released on both desktop and mobile phone.

    Flash-10.3Flash Player upgrade again as the real version 10.3 after 10.3 Beta was released in March. The new features are.

    1. Video statistics by Adobe SiteCatalyst.
    2. Sound Control advance features Acoustic Echo Cancellation.
    3. Press Clear the Flash local storage from a browser, it works with Firefox 4, IE8, Chrome 11.
    4. Add Flash Player Settings Manager in the Control Panel on your OS.
    5. Alert new released through Auto-update of Mac OS X.
    6. Solve the security problems and other bugs.

    Open for download on both the main desktop OS and Android OS.

  • Nokia Q1 revenue of 10.4 billion euros.

    Nokia Q1 revenue of 10.4 billion eurosNokia announced its financial results for Q1 2011 revenue of more than 10,400 million euros, after announced its collaboration with the plan to use the Microsoft Windows Phone’s main smartphone OS.

    Nokia in Q1 net sales were 10,400 million euros, up 9% of all mobile devices sold 108.5 million units increased 1% versus the same quarter of 2010.

    For smartphone and mobile computing has sold 24.2 million units were up 13% and net sales of equipment and services at 7,100 million euros, up 6% in 2010.

  • Google Launches “Music Beta” free music store 20,000 songs on the cloud system. Google Music Beta

    Google Music BetaGoogle Launches “Music Beta” in the Annual Development Conference Google I / O 2011 are open to members can upload music files of up to 20,000 songs to the server. And streaming music through the Web browser to your computer, smartphone and tablet that powered by Android OS. It will support the Flash Player.

    Music Beta that can display album art, a singer and the feature “Instant Mix” to create personal playlists and can add music mix of 25 tracks, which it will run on the cloud computer

    Music Beta service is now open only in the Android and plans to cover the iOS in the near term.

  • Chrome OS is not on the tablet, but it is on the ARM.

    Chrome OS is not on the tabletIn Google I / O management team of Google, it provides information about Chrome / Chrome OS further below.

    • Chrome OS will focus on the laptop only. No plans for other devices and tablet. Because Google reasoning that 90% of surf the internet is still on the laptop.
    • Chrome OS version of the ARM is developing, but will initially focus on the x86 version on the first Chromebook future energy released would be used by the ARM.
    • Chrome team is on the process of developing Sync tab features (the same as Firefox).
    • Native Client will be integrated into Chrome this year.
    • We may not see Chrome Canary on Linux because Linux users have the skills to use the latest Chrome than any other OS. I may not need a Chrome Canary on Linux.
  • Angry Birds Rio: Beach Volley has live at Amazon AppStore

    Angry BirdsAfter the news last week that the Angry Birds Rio will have a new version in May, called the Beach Volley. The Angry Birds will have to fight with the Monkey on the beach of Rio City. The lastest episode has been updated on Amazon AppStore, which allows only who are members Amazon AppStore to get this privilege first. This updated version on Amazon AppStore will be the version of Ad-Free.

    However, Rovio Mobile promised to the Android users can update “Beach Valley Free Version” through the Android Market soon as well.